Inside Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender’s Private Love Story

Though the Venice set pretty much stuck to asking about moviemaking, like good cineastes, the co-stars’ real-life partnership didn’t go unnoticed. But, Fassbender explained to Entertainment Weekly, aside from the obvious fact that they were together, people would just have to keep wondering what their relationship was like.

“I might have been curious about actors’ lives when I was growing up. That’s human nature,” he said. “We’re all curious about a lot of things. But my curiosity didn’t obligate them to tell me. It’s the worst thing if you’re sitting there in the theater, going, ‘Oh, that’s the guy who dates this person and likes to do this in the morning and that in the afternoon.’ Then you’re just watching a brand, as opposed to an actor.”

Vikander said, “I remember in Sweden, I used to set the alarm for 2 or 3 a.m. and get up with my mom to watch the Oscars. But for me, that was the same as the stories I saw up on the movie screen. Things have changed with social media and technology, but I still feel it helps when I know less about the actors I look up to. That’s what I mean—I love the mystery behind it all.”

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