Lady Who Holds Guinness World Record For Longest Fingernails Gets Them Sawed Off – Watch!

Now here’s something you definitely don’t see every day.

Meet Ayanna Williams, the Guinness World Records holder for woman with the longest fingernails. Ayanna has held on to the title since 2017, but after “about 28, 29 years totally growing them,” she recently decided to cut off the incredible length. Before deciding to chop them, her colorful nails took three to four bottles of nail polish to paint (and she needed “a few days” to complete the task) and she had to be “very, very careful” with her movements in day-to-day chores lest she hurt herself or break the nails.

She told Guinness:

“I’ve been growing my nails for a few decades now. I’m so, so ready for a new life. I’m know I’m going to miss them, but it’s just about that time — it’s time for them to go.”

Ayanna had to visit a dermatologist with an electric rotary tool to saw off her famous manicure– which at final length measured a whopping 24 ft 0.7 in — and she brought a camera crew along to bear witness to the event.

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In the clip, she expresses “mixed emotions” about saying goodbye to the nails she’d been growing since the 90s. However, she said:

“I’m gonna always be the queen that I am with or without my nails, ‘cause my nails don’t make me, I make my nails.”

Once they were gone, she shared her feelings of relief, as well as pride to have her nails displayed at the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! museum in Orlando, FL. It’s a wild accomplishment, but an accomplishment nonetheless! Congrats, Ayanna!

Ch-ch-check out her story below:

[Image via Guiness World Records/YouTube]

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