Lauren Graham Shares Rare Insight on Her Romance With Peter Krause

Suddenly, Graham found herself on the bench. “There were more piles, I would say,” the Gilmore Girls star noted of the slight messiness, adding that Krause and his son Roman—who he shares with ex Christine King—really bonded during her time away. “Which was fantastic, but I think the re-entry was more difficult, it was more like they were the married couple.”

“They were like, ‘We don’t do it that way anymore,'” she recalled. “And Peter started a thing, I guess just to make COVID-life fun, where he’d go to the store and stock up on ridiculous amounts of whatever and leave it in the corner of the living room and he’d call it ‘COVID Corner.’ As if that somehow made these piles of stuff fun or a place to visit or a place to show the guests.”

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