The Ship Is Powerless & Colin Is Missing in Below Deck Preview

Drama below deck.

In this exclusive clip from tonight, May 10’s episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Parsifal III finds itself with no power and chief engineer Colin Macrae is nowhere to be found. Understandably, this has first mate Gary King and his deckhands scrambling to rectify the situation.

“We don’t have f–king anything,” Gary tells deckhand Sydney Zaruba. “We’re dead ship now.”

As the mega-yacht floats helpless in the dock, Captain Glenn Shephard radios and asks about the state of the generator. Gary informs his captain, “No. Negative. No generator.”

Stewardesses Alli Dore and Dani Soares feel understandably helpless as the drama plays out. “It’s like, I don’t even know if we can help,” Dani states. “So, it just makes me feel worse.”

Tensions continue to rise as Colin remains missing-in-action. Captain Glenn radios again, this time calling the engineer back to the ship. “Colin. Colin. Glenn. Colin, you there?” the captain asks.

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