Connected: The Hidden Science Of Everything Season 2 Release Date, Topics And Locations

It’s safe to say that part of the appeal of the science series comes from its globe-trotting ways, sending its host to far-flung places like London, Delaware, the Sahara Desert, Washington D.C., and Wales in its quest to tell fascinating tales about science and its relationship to humans. Of course, the locations are always topical — for example, the Sahara Desert was the site for part of the episode “Dust,” which looks at a seemingly useless substance and the power it has when harnessed in bulk. Wales, seen in the episode “Clouds,” was the site of more than 100 ships going down in a storm in the mid-19th century — a tragedy that resulted the creation of a telegraph-powered network that led to the first-ever weather forecasts.

So, any future episodes of “Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything” would probably end up being located somewhere related to the topic being focused upon. However, given the sometimes surprising nature of the connections being investigated, the settings might be hard to predict even once we know what the topics are. Fans will simply have to wait and see what happens should the show return to Netflix for Season 2. 

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