Finn Wittrock Gets Real About His Green Lantern Audition

Chatting with Rotten Tomatoes’ Jacqueline Coley in an Instagram Live Q&A, Finn Wittrock revealed that the casting process for HBO Max’s Green Lantern series was unlike many of his more recent roles. As opposed to going to a casting office, his audition was actually a screen test, meaning he went to the studio and recorded a scene with film-grade lights and cameras. Wittrock described it as “daunting” and “way bigger than [he] thought it would be.” The actor also noted that the casting director, Vickie Thomas, was a little intimidating, but he added that “she has a special place in [his] heart.” Evidently, it went well, and a week later, Wittrock got the part.

The series still has some time before filming starts, so Wittrock didn’t have much else to say about it. He hasn’t even seen his Green Lantern suit yet — assuming HBO Max will sidestep the disastrous CGI suit of the 2011 “Green Lantern” film. Additionally, there are many characters that still need to be cast, including the series’ other Green Lanterns: Alan Scott, a gay FBI agent from the 1940s; Simon Baz, a Lebanese American Muslim; Jessica Cruz, a Latin American woman with PTSD; and the alien Kilowog.

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