Servant Season 3 Release Date, Cast, And Plot

Season 2 spoilers ahead

Before we delve into the upcoming third (and fourth) seasons of “Servant,” it’s worth noting that this is a show that’s designed to be bizarre and mysterious. Even the cast members themselves often don’t know what’s going on — star Rupert Grint told Backstage that he and his fellow cast members receive their scripts one at a time. They know about as much about the show overall as the audience does. So it’s impossible predict exactly what’s going to happen. That being said, we know this show is halfway through its planned run. The first two seasons have been building up to a big showdown between the Turners and the secretive religious cult, with Leanne stuck somewhere in the middle.

To review: For most of the first two seasons, the show built up Leanne as a mysterious character with unexplained powers, refusing to indicate whether she meant to harm the Turners or to help them in her own twisted way. Leanne has given the Turners an ultra-realistic baby doll resembling Jericho, and brought it to life. This seems to have drawn the attention of the folks from Leanne’s past.

In the Season 2 finale, Uncle George and Aunt Josephine show up. They seem to be two members of the mysterious cult that Leanne belonged to, and they arrive to perform sadistic cleansing rituals to punish Leanne for straying from the fold. Leanne kills Aunt Josephine, but it’s a temporary victory. She tells the Turners to expect more visits from twisted cult members in their future.

What’s up with this mysterious cult? What are Leanne’s true intentions? And will the Turners’ marriage survive the oncoming holy war? All will be revealed. Hopefully.

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