Why Ronald From StartUp Looks So Familiar

The Season 3 finale of “House” marked the exit of Dr. House’s (Hugh Laurie) original diagnostic team, leaving fans wondering how the medical drama would fill in the gaps left behind. In the show’s Season 4 premiere, House is adamant that he doesn’t need to hire anyone, in spite of insistence from his best friend, Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard), and boss, Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein). Eventually, House gives in and begins the hiring process in true House fashion — by orchestrating a competition in the style of reality show “Survivor,” beginning with 40 hopefuls and narrowing down to a lucky few.

One of those hopefuls is Dr. Jeffrey Cole (Gathegi), a Mormon who earns the nickname “Big Love” by House and is often tormented for his religion. Cole made the cut for several episodes in the fourth season but was ultimately eliminated when House discovered that during a competition that involved stealing Cuddy’s thong, Cole succeeded by more dishonest means. As it turns out, Cole made a deal with Cuddy, who gave him her underwear willingly. Despite being a man known to challenge authority rather than work within the system, House fired Cole for going against the spirit of the challenge.

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