What Is The Song In The Corona ‘Find Your Together. Find Your Joy’ Commercial?

You may have heard this band before, considering how long they’ve been around. That’s because this song is “Love is Everywhere (Beware)” by Wilco. The alternative band has been around since 1994 (via Spin) and had released their 11th studio album, “Ode to Joy,” in 2019. The album received positive reviews and proved the Chicago-based band can still create masterful works of art 27 years later. This song was included in that last studio album, but this is likely the first time it’s been featured in a commercial.

The gentle guitar strumming combined with Jeff Tweedy’s singing creates a calm sense of nostalgia that many of us feel as we start to think about being reunited with friends and family. The lyrics “love is everywhere,” repeated throughout the song are a reminder that these dark times are almost over, and life is hopefully going to be filled with love once again. If that wasn’t enough to make you feel warm inside, the commercial also announced that the company had donated $1 million to the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund. The beer maker that was once the butt of all jokes a year ago has come out and shown that they care just as much as the next person, and they can’t wait to rejoin the world as well.

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