What Is The Song In The Valentino Beauty ‘Voce Viva’ Commercial?

As soon as you watch the commercial, you can probably guess who the song is by — and that’s the award-winning Lady Gaga, one of the most multifaceted artists and performers of this era. This is not the first time that Lady Gaga’s music has appeared in a commercial, either, as she just recently collaborated with Dom Pérignon for an ad featuring one of her tracks, as well. 

As for the song itself, it is titled “Sine from Above.” 

Now, the original version of the song also has Elton John in it, but the exclusive version in the “Voce Viva​” commercials features other singers, creating a more gentle version of the song than fans are used to. Not only do the vocals change, but the instrumentals also take on a different angle for this version — compared to the original, it uses more piano instead of pop. The stripped-down version fits well with the pop singer, as she moves throughout the commercial with several other models.

The original version of the song, with Elton John, was released last year as part of Lady Gaga’s sixth studio album, Chromatica. A number of music critics, such as Nick Smith of MusicOMH, claimed this song to be a standout from the rest of the album. This is the first time it has been featured in a commercial, though, and it fits perfectly. The piano intro creates a sense of curiosity that slowly shifts into excitement, enhanced by the various models. And though the song has only been out in the world for less than a year, this new version has turned the commercial itself into an instant classic, well worth re-watching a few times — or more.

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