Win The Wilderness Season 2 Release Date, Couples, And Challenges

Season 1 of “Win the Wilderness” revolved around two main obstacles for couples to overcome in order to earn the home put up as a prize. Contestants needed to win the trust of the couple who had built the house and lived there for more than 30 years, Duane and Rena Ose, in addition to demonstrating their survival prowess to CJ, an Bear Grylls-type Alaskan wilderness expert.

The challenges that CJ devised for contestants were all related to surviving Alaska’s unforgiving winter, learning how to live in the deep forest, and dealing with the animals who also call the area home. As such, contestants needed to build a livable A-frame tent with a working stove, make black bear stew, build a sled dog trail, and demonstrate route-finding skills necessary for survival.

As such, viewers can expect Season 2’s challenges to reflect the environment the season is set in. If the following season takes a cue from “Survivor,” the show could be set on an island or in the desert, both of which would require some very different survival skills from contestants. Once fans have a clearer idea of where Season 2 of “Win the Wilderness” will be filmed, they might be able to begin figuring out what challenges the couples may face.

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