Dead Pixels Season 2 Release Date, Cast And Plot

Season 1 of “Dead Pixels” deals with the group of friends melding their life online with their real life outside of the video game. Various interactions challenge their way of seeing things, particularly when it comes to their relationships with one another. While Meg is crushing on Russell, Nicky likes Meg, and when one day Meg suggests to Nicky that their characters get married in the game, well, things get complicated.

In Season 2, much is the same for the group of gamers as they face a handful of new obstacles. At the beginning of the season, a new expansion for Kingdom Scrolls draws Meg, Nicky, Usman, and Russell back to the game. One of the biggest storylines revolves around the new character, Daisy, a popular Kingdom Scrolls streamer who develops a friendship — and possibly romance — with Nicky. Of course, nothing’s easy for these characters, as Nicky comes face to face with Daisy’s rabid fan club, led by the nosy DVT.

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