Fire Force Season 3 Release Date, Cast And Plot

An official release date or confirmation of Season 3 for “Fire Force” hasn’t been revealed yet. However, with the show’s popularity translating into significant sales of the manga, there’s reason to believe that another season of the series should be in development and an announcement could be coming soon. The Official “Fire Force” Anime Twitter revealed that by late April, sales of the manga had exceeded 15 million copies. With that much in sales, the show is clearly popular enough to warrant another season.

Atsushi Ōkubo has said that the manga should be ending soon, which might delay the production of another anime season. In an interview with Monsters And Critics, Okubo stated that though it could change, he expected the manga to end around volume 30. Furthermore, as Anime News Network reported, in the 23rd volume of the manga, Okubo stated that the story was in its final chapter and that “Fire Force” would be his last manga. With 28 volumes of the manga released so far, there could be a slight delay to determine exactly when it will end. While a late 2021 release for Season 3 is possible, it seems more likely that the rest of the year could lead to an official announcement, and a release would probably happen sometime in 2022.

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