New Set Photo From MODOK Has Twitter Freaking Out

Fan reactions to Blum’s tweet immediately began pouring in, with many trying to figure out if it was an elaborate joke or not. @LordMunkton wrote, “Hang on… I thought it was stop motion. What do they need motion capture for?” Echoing that sentiment, @jm_deutsch tweeted, “Is this a joke? I assumed this show was just some type of fancy computer work made to look like California Raisins style claymation.”

Meanwhile, some fans just went along with it and expressed their enthusiasm. “I’ll pay 100 dollars for a version of the show that is just this. No additional effects required,” joked @EvilKeaton. “This might be the best set photo ever taken in the history of film and television,” added @JakeLloydBacon

Other Twitter users really just loved to see how much fun Oswalt seemed to be having in this role. “The Venn Diagram of @pattonoswalt performing Modok and Patton appearing to be f**king around in his basement having the time of his life seems to be a single, beautiful circle,” tweeted @tomoftheplains.

Regardless of whether or not the MODOK team built an entire suit for a Twitter gag or for some strange live-action-esque part of the show, Blum’s photo ultimately did its job: Fans are now freaking out and on the edge of their seats with anticipation for the show. Well played, sir. 

All 10 episodes of “Marvel’s MODOK” debut Friday, May 21 on Hulu.

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