Olympian Torah Bright Addresses Backlash to Nude Breastfeeding Photo

Before signing off, the professional snowboarder left another message of encouragement to parents, sharing, “Love to all mothers who need it right now. I got your back…You are not alone.”

Torah also made it clear that she wasn’t “looking for praise” but wanted to remind people that everyone’s motherhood journey is unique. As for hers? She put it best, saying, “I walk this earth to the beat of my own drum, led by my nutrition and search for love and joy … obviously.”

Since welcoming her son in July 2020, the X Games gold medalist has posted many behind-the-scenes snapshots of her new role as a mom. In September 2020, she kept it real and explained that her latest photoshoot “wasn’t so easy” with her little one by her side.

“Cheeky little guy,” she wrote in November, which showed her baby boy putting up his middle finger as she breastfed him.

She’s also shared sweet moments of her son learning how to stand on a snowboard, teasing, “And so it begins.”

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