See Dr. Terry Dubrow Gross Out Lisa Vanderpump With Surgery Pics

Dr. Dubrow Used Leeches to Suck Blood Out of Patient’s Foot?!

Extreme cases call for extreme measures. 

For Botched surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow, he sometimes calls in the help of little blood-sucking friends. The doctor details one of his most outrageous cases in this sneak peek of Thursday, May 20’s Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump that even gave his wife Heather Dubrow the heebie-jeebies. 

“I did a super, super difficult thing on this woman’s leg,” Dubrow explains about a shocking past case. “So at the age of one, she has the tumor removed. The surgeon put the back tissue here and then she grew up and gained weight so I had to reduce it, but sometimes when the blood supply starts to get compromised, you have to help it get out of there.” 

The patient couldn’t even fit her foot into a shoe, the swelling was so intense. So what was Dr. Dubrow’s solution? 

“The blood supply was having trouble getting out so what did we do? Leeches!” he smiles. 

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