The Kelly And Ryan Detail That Has The Office Fans Scratching Their Heads

Let’s face it — Kelly and Ryan are two of the most self-absorbed characters on “The Office,” but their trainwreck of a love story is a gold mine for comedic storytelling. They somehow survive after Ryan ditches her for a corporate job. After he is fired, they find their way back to each other and the toxic cycle continues. We follow every twist and turn of the Kelly and Ryan saga, so t’s quite surprising that their marriage and subsequent divorce don’t receive a lot of attention. As Screen Rant notes, the mismatched pairing never misses an opportunity to cause a commotion, but the breakdown of their marriage is simply swept under the rug. Why not seize the moment and make it all about them?

Granted, their divorce announcement also comes at a time when neither character is prominently featured on “The Office.” It’s just strange that such a huge opportunity to delve deeper into the combative couple’s strained backstory is relegated to the sidelines. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to give every character substantial focus when they’re part of a large ensemble of equally colorful and interesting people, but this potential storyline can be chalked up as a missed opportunity.

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