The Real Reason This Criminal Minds Casting Director Was Fired

In 2016, The Hollywood Reporter published an explosive investigation into Hollywood acting workshops. Basically, these were “pay to play” scams, where struggling actors would pay to attend a workshop hosted by David (or one of many other casting directors investigated). This would make the actors more likely to secure auditions, forcing performers to spend money just for the hopes of snagging a role on a hit show like “Criminal Minds.” The day after the report was published, “Criminal Minds” production company Touchstone Television fired David.

Prior to THR’s report, David was a contentious figure in the television casting community for years, simultaneously working on the CBS procedural while owning The Actors Link, the source of his “pay to play.” Some argue that paid networking opportunities are simply an unavoidable cost of the business and a great way to advance your career, while others decry them as predatory practices (as revealed by THR).

Regardless, David’s business practices were considered too much of a liability for Touchstone. After his departure, casting opportunities are hopefully more equitable for “Criminal Minds” hopeless, and more actors have a shot at adding the series to their headshots. 

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