Trailer Watch: The Past Catches Up with Mae in the Second and Final Season of “Feel Good”

“I think I’m gonna self-destruct,” Mae (Mae Martin) announces in the new trailer for “Feel Good’s” second and final season. The spot teases peaks and valleys in Mae’s life — rehab, the processing of trauma, her on-off relationship with George (Charlotte Ritchie), new career opportunities — and suggests she’s having a hard time dealing with it all. Her instinct is to blow it all up.

Mae keeps reiterating that she doesn’t want to live in the past, yet she can’t seem to fully escape it. “I just want to move forward, and they keep pulling me back,” she says of her time in rehab. Later, she confesses to her mother, “I wish I could just start fresh, but I just keep replaying the past.”

The trailer also suggests Mae will continue her gender journey, something she began to explore in Season 1. “I don’t actually identify as a woman these days,” she tells a friend in rehab. She feels more “like an Adam Driver or a Ryan Gosling.”

Martin identifies as non-binary in real life and is comfortable with they/them or she/her pronouns, according to a note to press from Netflix.

Martin wrote and created “Feel Good” with Joe Hampson. The former has written for and appeared in “Baroness Von Sketch Show.” They count “Dope” among their stand-up specials and will be going on tour in the U.K. later this year.

“Feel Good” returns June 4 on Netflix.

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