Gwyneth Paltrow Has the Best Reaction to Throwback Ben Affleck Photo

Gwyneth Paltrow just got hit with a blast from the past. 

On May 28, the Se7en actress received a reminder of her former relationship with Ben Affleck, courtesy of the Instagram account for her lifestyle company Goop. In celebration of Gemini season, Goop posted a meme of Gwyneth rolling her eyes at Ben, her then-boyfriend, as he leans in for a kiss. Gwyneth is labeled “Gemini szn” while Ben is “Mercury in retrograde.” The account captioned the throwback pic, “‘Tis the season.” 

The Glee alum responded in the comments, writing, “Oh my god you guys.” 

Goop followers also loved the nostalgic meme. One wrote, “Reason #1391037 why Gwyneth is an icon.” Another added, “These kill me.” A third echoed the sentiment, simply writing, “DEAD!” 

For those who don’t recall, Gwyneth began dating the Gone Girl star in 1997, not long after her split from her fiancé Brad Pitt. She and Ben went on to film the ultra-romantic movie Shakespeare in Love, which earned GP an Oscar. The couple later starred together in the romantic drama Bounce, however, they called their romance quits before the film premiered in December 2000. 

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