The Character Everyone Forgets Millie Bobby Brown Played On NCIS

Millie Bobby Brown was just 10 years old when she appeared on a Season 12 “NCIS” episode called “Parental Guidance Suggested.” Brown plays a girl named Rachel who tragically witnesses her mother’s murder. Her often-traveling Navy commander father returns home to be with Rachel after the horrific events, and he is soon the prime suspect in the case. However, as the NCIS team discovers, it is actually Rachel who murdered her own mother so her father would be forced to stop traveling for work.

Playing such an intense and complicated role is surely no small feat for a child actor. Yet as Brown has shown in three seasons of “Stranger Things,” she certainly has the talent to tackle even the most difficult of characters. “NCIS” was only the actress’ third television appearance, and we’ve certainly enjoyed watching her blossom into the talented performer we know and love today.

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