The Hidden Detail You Missed In Billions

One of the great joys of watching “Billions” is seeing how its characters’ personalities and social standings are reflected by their environments. Paul Giamatti’s Chuck Rhoades is seen frequently operating in rooms and buildings that feel closed off and more old world, while Damian Lewis’ Bobby Axelrod moves through offices and spaces that boast more modern, open, and sleeker designs. Those environments not only make sense for the characters, but also help to visually differentiate them from each other. If someone really wants to know just how deeply the “Billions” writers have developed the worlds and personalities of the show’s characters though, they don’t need to look any further than the characters’ bookshelves. As pointed out by OSSA Movies, viewers can actually see (by looking closely enough) that the books that fill the shelves of Wendy (Maggie Siff), Chuck, and Bobby’s offices aren’t just set decoration. The books are also specifically chosen by the show’s crew to make sure they make sense for the characters to own.

That means many of the books in Wendy’s office are about psychology, while the books in Chuck’s office focus on politics. While the average “Billions” viewers may not ever have noticed that detail on their own, it only serves to further prove how rich and authentic the show’s creators have made the world of “Billions” and the lives of its characters.

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