The Lucifer Season 5 Finale Explained

Archangel Michael comes across as an unlikeable version of the Devil, so it’s pretty clear that he’s up to no good — even before it turns out that he’s the guy behind God’s power troubles. Michael’s master plan is to put together the powerful Flaming Sword, and to become the next God. In the Season 5 finale, the angel’s scheme almost works, but Chloe (Lauren German) and Lucifer manage to disarm him in an epic confrontation at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. 

Unfortunately for Michael, he makes the mistake of killing Chloe, and Lucifer’s rescue mission to Heaven leaves the villainous archangel in a precarious situation. Not only does Chloe return to life, but she’s able to use the Key part of the dismantled sword to grant herself enough power to defeat Michael. What’s more, the selfless act of resurrecting her at the seeming cost of his own life allows Lucifer to gain the powers of God. 

In the end, Michael suffers a complete and utter defeat, though Lucifer opts to spare his life. Instead, the new God simply cuts his brother’s wings, and gives him a second lease in life. It remains to be seen just how wise this is, though. While Michael ultimately agrees to bow to Lucifer, it’s hard to imagine that the trickster angel can put aside his lifelong grudge against his twin, even though Lucifer is now well and truly above his power level. Michael may end Season 5 a pair of wings short, but even if he’s completely depowered, he still has his cunning. It wouldn’t be all that surprising to see him acquire a few powerful allies, and perhaps return as a major threat in Season 6. 

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