The Real-World Connection That Has Sweet Tooth Producers Worried

One shot from the “Sweet Tooth” trailer shows a bunch of people gathered around wearing masks, and while it feels like it took influence from the past year, it’s purely coincidence. After all, the series draws influence from comic books that first came out in 2010, which also feature a pandemic. It also sounds like the crew filmed this scene and others like it before COVID-19 as showrunner Jim Mickle explains, “It was always the plan (to begin the show that way) because we shot that in 2019, so the pilot was all done well before COVID.”

It just so happened that scenes from the pilot would take on even greater meaning in a post-coronavirus world, and that’s caused some significant anxiety for all those who worked on the show. Mickle goes on to discuss how he hopes people give it a chance in light of its newfound relevance: “I think there’s always that concern that people might skip the tiny little piece of the show and miss everything that comes after, because really that’s just the diving board to launch into much richer show about many other things. So, hopefully they don’t.”

Executive producer Beth Schwartz also chimes in with her hopes of audience’s reaction: “Hopefully when they get to the part with the hybrid babies, they’ll see that this is a very different kind of show.” Much of the plot surrounds a deer-hybrid boy, Gus (Christian Convery), going on a cross-country journey to find more kids like him with his protector, Tommy Jepperd (Nonso Anozie). It’s closer to something like “Logan” than “Contagion,” so people should give it a shot to see the actual plot kick off before laying down judgment. 

With outstanding reviews already pouring in, you should give “Sweet Tooth” a shot when all eight episodes of the first season become available on June 4.

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