How The Flare From Jupiter’s Legacy Should Have Really Looked

The comic book version of the Flare shares a few general characteristics with the Netflix one, but the two are also markedly different. In the comics, Fitz is also a powerful superhero who has a yellow uniform, and who eventually suffers a grievous injury. However, this version of the Flare is a white man whose costume is a simple bodysuit that lacks the accents, details and angular design of the live-action version. 

The character’s backstory is explored with great detail in the “Jupiter’s Legacy” prequel comic, “Jupiter’s Circle.” Unfortunately, the comic book Flare turns out to be a considerably less chivalrous character than, say, the Utopian. While the Netflix show portrays Fitz as a sympathetic mentor type who worries about his daughter, this version cheats on his long-suffering wife with his own, young sidekick, to the great and vocal disapproval of his fellow superheroes. In the end, he loses everything he has before he gains a measure of redemption. 

Because Season 1 of “Jupiter’s Legacy” bombed on Netflix and essentially destroyed the possibility of further seasons, we may never find out whether Wade’s likable live-action version of the Flare would have retained some of these elements. 

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