Supercrooks Netflix Release Date, Cast, And Plot

The original “Supercrooks” story is a heist adventure that’s been compared to “Ocean’s 11,” featuring a group of supervillains who have been gathered together by recently paroled Johnny Bolt to pull off one last crime — in Spain, because the U.S. is too saturated with heroes and villains battling it out. The target is another supervillain named The Bastard, who keeps his ill-gotten gains in a vault underneath his house. 

“Supercrooks” ran for four issues in 2012 as a stand-alone read, which makes some wonder how it’ll provide enough material to create a full show. In fact, Millar did note in a May 17 tweet that he “had to plot lots of new stuff” to fill out the anime, which is 13 episodes long. It’s unclear at this point how the anime relates to the live-action show or if it does, but presumably Millar will also need to add a bit of depth to this version, too, to make sure there’s enough content and to keep it from containing a simple rehash of heist-film tropes. 

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