The Dark History Of Bane

Perhaps the darkest part of Bane’s history is its end…For the time being, at least. 

In 2021’s “Infinite Frontier” #1, a chemical attack seemingly perpetrated by the Joker befalls Arkham Asylum. Upon his arrival, Batman’s tech only indicates 17 still-living individuals inside the building. As readers know from a few pages earlier, Bane is not among them. 

Just like the other Arkham patients and staff who perished in the incident Gothamites refer to as “A-Day,” plus countless victims of the Joker throughout the years, Bane dies with his face frozen in a horrible extra-large grin. The Joker has denied responsibly for the A-Day massacre. However, as far as Bane is concerned, the precise identity of the perpetrator is irrelevant, because Bane is dead. 

In theory, this seems like a pretty anticlimactic demise for one of Batman’s final boss-level antagonists. It wouldn’t surprise us if the corpse we see in Arkham is an imposter or a clone, and Bane’s back to his old self again within six months of real world time. Or maybe DC editors and executives made a decision to keep the onetime kingpin of Santa Prisca off the table for an extended period. For now, it looks like Bane’s story ends the same way all of our stories will eventually end. 

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