The Difference Between The American And Korean Versions Of Criminal Minds

Before we get to the differences, it’s worth mentioning the similarities. The South Korean “Criminal Minds” aired 20 episodes that were all based on scripts from the U.S. version, from Season 3 onward, as explained by Closer Weekly. The main cast members of the South Korean version were all designed to be counterparts to the American BAU team members, including Hotchner, JJ, Morgan, Garcia, and Dr. Reid.

Unlike the American version, which ran for 15 seasons and more than 300 episodes, “Criminal Minds: South Korea” only aired for one season — a common practice in the country’s television industry, which often plans for TV dramas to run for just one season. But the biggest difference is that “Criminal Minds: South Korea” couldn’t be set at the FBI’s BAU. Instead, the producers set it at National Criminal Investigation (NCI), a fictional South Korean law enforcement agency.

Otherwise, the South Korean and American versions of “Criminal Minds” are very similar, and fans of either show should be able to enjoy both.

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