The Ending Of Summertime Season 2 Explained

When Summer watches Lola’s accident, the moment also shows her a side of Ale she’s never seen before. Back in Season 1, Ale doubted whether he wanted to race motorcycles ever again. Meeting Lola helped rekindle that passion. But Ale also had unfinished business with his rival, Jacobi Sandro.

The race in the Season 2 finale was a milestone in Ale’s career, but it showed where his priorities really are. When Lola crashes, Ale stops his bike to check on her. He essentially forfeits the race, which Sandro goes on to win. It’s an incredibly romantic gesture that moves Summer to tears. Although the show doesn’t make it explicit, the moment also most likely makes Summer realize just how much she loves Ale. 

Of course, Lola is still in the picture. If she survives and recovers, she and Ale would most likely be closer together than ever before. Summer may have just realized what she wants, but actually getting it will be more challenging than ever.

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