The Ray Liotta Costume That Sold For Hundreds On Pawn Stars

Klein is excited about the tuxedo’s Liotta connection. “Ray Liotta is a legend because of ‘Goodfellas,’ and that movie has continued to become the go-to gangster film,” he says. Klein acknowledges that “The Rat Pack” is not a particularly well-known film, so the fact that it’s a tuxedo and not a lesser clothing item ups the item’s value. As he starts to take a closer look at the piece, he sees that the shirt came from custom shirtmaker Anto Beverly Hills, known as “the shirtmaker to the stars.” He says that almost every movie shirt he’s seen in the past several decades has come from Anto, so it’s a good sign for the suit’s authenticity. 

He also says that the suit’s “R. Liotta” wardrobe tag is the kind used by Universal Pictures. “Pretty cool ensemble here,” he says. Because of all the specific identifiers connecting it to Ray Liotta, Klein is confident that the actor wore it on screen. He projects that at auction, it would sell for $500-1200.

Chumlee tells Robert that if he were to buy the suit, he would have to price it on the low end of the range Klein gave him. He offers $375, and Robert counters with an offer of $450. They finally settle on an agreement of $400, which is the maximum Chumlee can part with for the suit.

“We got a deal,” Chumlee says.

“Start spreadin’ the news,” Robert replies.

The tux is on the low end of movie memorabilia sold on “Pawn Stars.” Many bigger-ticket movie items have come and gone through the shop, but not many will have the Rat Pack connection that this suit holds.

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