The Real-Life Inspiration Behind Who Killed Sara

Though “Who Killed Sara” is a fictional story, the show’s creator, José Ignacio Valenzuela, revealed that certain aspects were inspired by his real life. A successful and prolific writer in Latin America, Valenzuela is known for the many novels and plays he’s penned (via his website). According to Screen Rant, the writing skills run in his blood — the Chilean-born screenwriter has other writers in his family, including the children’s book author Ana María Güiraldes. His family has given him writing advice over the years, including his aunt, who advised him to “lend the main character your past and your conditions and it is not going to get out of hand because you are writing about someone you know” (via ADN Radio).

Screen Rant also noted that the general style of “Who Killed Sara” was inspired by Valenzuela’s love for whodunnits — not only is the plot a murder mystery, but the first episode opened with a quote from the iconic whodunnit author Agatha Christie. The many twists and turns of “Who Killed Sara” are reminiscent of classic murder mystery novels, and they perfectly reflect Valenzuela’s affinity for the genre.

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