The Suggestive Joke On Friends That Matt LeBlanc Improvised

“Friends” certainly was no stranger to sexual innuendo and adult humor. Joey, the ladies’ man of the group, was often the voice behind some of the most suggestive jokes on the show, as his character had a habit of bragging about his sexual exploits.

In Season 6, Episode 9, “The One Where Ross Got High,” Matt Leblanc improvised an especially bawdy joke that you would not want to make around your grandmother. In the episode, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) is explaining the trifle dessert she made to Ross (David Schwimmer) and Joey. Not known for her culinary skills, Rachel’s trifle contains the dessert ingredients you’d expect in such a dish, but also beef, peas, and onions.  

Ross realizes the pages of the cookbook Rachel used stuck together, yielding the bizarre recipe. Joey quickly turns and says “Chandler!” implying he was responsible for the sticky mess. (Ahem.) According to the show’s commentary, the line wasn’t scripted. LeBlanc just saw a good opportunity.

As “Friends” aired on network television, the cast and crew could only get so explicit, and this one raunchy gag definitely pushed the envelope. However, we do appreciate a well-placed innuendo, and we have Matt Leblanc to thank for this very funny line.

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