The Truth About What’s Really In The Beer Bottles On Blue Bloods

“What’s really in that bottle?” a fan asked on Twitter, tagging Donnie Wahlberg and attaching a screengrab of the actor’s character, Danny Reagan, with a bottle of beer in his hand. Wahlberg quote-tweeted the fan’s post and answered, “Water, usually.”

Responses to the tweet ran the gamut from disappointment in the performer’s perceived lack of drunkenness to celebrations of his apparent enthusiasm for hydration. (It’s important to remember that we let this platform inform our presidential election one time.)

“But wait,” you might interject. “Beer isn’t the only thing that the Reagans drink on ‘Blue Bloods.’ There’s wine as well. What of the wine?” You wouldn’t be alone in wondering. “What about wine bottles?” another fan asked in the replies. “Grape juice?”

“Yup,” Wahlberg responded, and like that, another mystery was solved by Detective Danny Reagan.

The Reagans aren’t alone in their decision to fake their way through imbibing on-screen good times. According to Business Insider, substances like carbonated tea and even a special, ultra-low alcohol beverage called “Near Beer” are regularly used to keep performers capable of acting in drinky scenes while keeping both eyes open at the same time.

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