The Upshaws Season 2 Release Date, Cast And Plot

There are several plotlines that will likely resume when and if “The Upshaws” is renewed for a second season. This season features an ongoing plot involving Regina and Bennie on a break after a major argument, it wraps up when Bennie and Regina fall back into bed after a long dry spell in “Gloves Off.” However, multiple other plotlines remain open.

Bernard Jr. comes out as gay during “Backslide,” to the welcome of his family. This will likely effect the show going forward, as he navigates the world as an out gay man. Regina has now passed her GMAT test, which means her career changes will likely affect further plotline developments.

Perhaps most importantly, in the last few moments of “Backslide,” a little girl appears on the Upshaw’s doorstep, and declares that Bernie is her father.  Whether she was conceived during Regina and Bernie’s break, and how long their break truly was, will have to be explored when the show comes back for a second season. Even if Netflix has not made another season official, the writers have clearly positioned “The Upshaws” to stick around for a while.

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