The Worst Things Loki Has Ever Done In The MCU

Loki’s treatment of his brother in “Thor” was pretty appalling. But it pales in comparison to the collateral damage the quarreling brother created in the wake of his bid for the throne. 

At the end of the first “Thor” film, Loki raced out to the Bifrost, where he initiated the rainbow bridge and sent it hurtling directly into Jotunheim itself. When Thor arrived on the scene, he pleaded with his brother, saying that the channeling dimensional energy would rip the planet apart.

This is, in many ways, might be Loki’s most despicable act. Because it was the point where his recklessly destructive mischievousness boiled over onto innocent bystanders — like, lots of innocent bystanders. 

As the Bifrost ripped through the home planet of the Frost Giants, buildings were leveled and crowds of people were shown running for their lives. Many were crushed in plain view; numerous others likely met a similar fate off-screen.

Such rampant destruction in the name of power and family quarreling isn’t just wrong — it’s sickening. Loki’s blatant disregard for an entire planet (not to mention his willingness to be the villain that destroys it) is scary. No matter how charming the character might be at times, and how easy it is to root for him when he even becomes a hero in some MCU moments, it’s important to remember that he is capable of careless wanton destruction — and massive collateral damage.

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