Trailer Watch: “Sisters on Track” Race Towards Their College Dreams

“You’ve got to work for your dreams. They don’t just come because you say, ‘Oh, please come,’” we’re told in a new trailer for “Sisters on Track.” Directed by Corinne van der Borch and Tone Grøttjord-Glenne, the Netflix documentary shines a spotlight on the Sheppard sisters: Tai, Rainn, and Brooke. The trio received national media attention in 2016 with their first-time wins at the Junior Olympics, a feat that landed them on the cover of Sports Illustrated Kids as “SportsKids of the Year.” “I’m not a regular kid. I have a chance to get a full ride if I continue track,” one of the Sheppards explains.

Offering an intimate look inside Brooklyn family’s life, “Sisters on Track” sees the girls pursuing their dream of attending college and revisits the hardships they’ve experienced along the way. Along with their mother, Tonia Handy, the girls lived in a shelter for nearly two years. “I thought we were just going to be, like, homeless for the rest of our lives,” one of the sisters recalls. Tonia emphasizes, “A lot of things in life, some people just don’t survive. Going through what they went through, they’re strong little girls.”

“Sisters on Track” will screen at Tribeca Film Festival, which is taking place June 9-20. The film hits Netflix June 24.

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