Why Fans Were Underwhelmed By The Big Sky Season 1 Finale

The original Reddit poster was mostly bothered by how the show chose to resolve its final showdowns. “We all know Jenny isn’t going to die, so her getting shot didn’t grab me by my pants,” wrote u/Tigerlilly382. “I’m also not into this secret organization saving Ronald. I’d buy it more if they were trying to kill Ronald rather than help him escape.”

In their replies, fans took issue with the way the protagonists suddenly making some puzzling and out-of-character decisions for little reason other than maintaining the episode’s stakes, even when simpler solutions were right there. “I just sat there like, ‘Cassie would damn well know to use the radio to call for help,'” wrote u/Ann_Summers. “Instead Cassie is just there, screaming for help? Wtf? And I’m supposed to believe Jenny would yell at the bad guy instead of just shoot him?!”

Others agreed. “Yeah that part bothered me too. She expertly shot the other guy square in the forehead and passes up a free shot on bad guy #2 to yell and get his attention?” wrote u/follyofgrimm.

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