Can You Guess the Mare of Easttown Star Related to Kevin Bacon?

What’s your Bacon number?

Mare of Easttown fans are shook after learning one of the show’s main actors is related to a Hollywood power couple. That’s right, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick‘s 29-year-old daughter, Sosie Bacon, starred in the HBO series as Carrie Layden, going head-to-head with Kate Winslet‘s character Mare Sheehan throughout the season.

And after watching Sosie’s stellar performance, which included many moving scenes as her character fought for custody of her son, fans were shocked to learn about her famous parents. “I’m watching the mare finale!! I just googled Drew’s mum because I like her and found out she’s Kevin Bacon’s daughter irl!” writer Bec Shaw tweeted, also noting her superstar mom Kyra. “The more you know. Anyway.”

Comedian Adam Richard replied, “I did not know this! She’s great. Standing out in a show with that many great women was a big job.” While another fan wrote, “The 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon continue to the next generation of actors…”

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