The Bad Batch Episode 6 Ending Explained

Following the Bad Batch’s trip to the Zygerrian camp in “Rampage,” Omega finds her weapon of choice: a Zygerrian crossbow. Even though she takes a liking to it, her skills are less than developed, so Echo encourages her to get as much practice with it as she can. He even offers her the tip of drowning out distractions to better her aim. Sadly, before Omega can really put the advice to use, Cid lets her and the rest of the crew know she has a job for them on Corellia that involves stealing a Separatist Tactical Droid head.

Per usual, this mission goes haywire very quickly, resulting in a shootout between the clone squad and their two mysterious allies (more on them later) and the local Corellian security droids. In the process, Omega finds herself in a number of precarious positions — chief among them being her narrow escape from an unstoppable conveyor that leads directly into a smelting pit full of droid parts. Thankfully she makes it out unscathed, and on the way out of the scrapyard, she has the chance to try out her new crossbow on approaching droids — to great success.

From the moment “The Bad Batch” began, Omega has been depicted as someone with incredible potential, even if she hasn’t had the chance to explore it much yet. Her gifts of foresight and superhuman empathy have raised eyebrows in the past several weeks, and it seems now we can add adaptability to her growing list of abilities.

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