The Best Time Teddy Ever Broke Character On Westworld

Teddy spends most of his screen time with Dolores or looking for her in Seasons 1 and 2 of “Westworld,” and their dynamic definitely shifts when Abernathy starts dreaming of a brighter future for herself and the rest of the hosts. Obviously, things become pretty fraught when Dolores embraces a new personality written by Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) at the end of the first season. She’s revealed to be Wyatt, who Teddy originally believed to be a vicious soldier. Wyatt believes the park belongs to him, not “the gods.”

Make no mistake: Evan Rachel Wood and James Marsden have great chemistry together in the series, especially in Season 2 when Teddy struggled with Dolores’ manipulative behavior. Sometimes, though, the park itself would get in between the pair — including a horse. In Season 1, Episode 3, “The Stray,” Teddy returns to Dolores after escorting a guest on a bounty hunt. However, in a brief blooper reel, the horse gets in the way of their reunion.

Just as James Marsden is about to explain where he’s been, the unseen horse interrupts him with a loud snorting sound. Maybe Teddy’s really been off cheating on Dolores, and the horse is trying to keep his secret safe. Or maybe the horse is just sick of their repetitive story loops playing out the same way. Regardless, it’s pretty funny.

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