The Lowest-Rated Episode Of Demon Slayer Isn’t What You Think

Based on scores aggregated by IMDb, the 11th episode of “Demon Slayer,” titled “Tsuzumi Mansion,” is the lowest-rated episode of the anime thus far, with a 7.7/10 based on 1,363 user scores. “Tsuzumi Mansion” is the only episode of “Demon Slayer” with an overall rating lower than an 8.0.

Plot-wise, “Tsuzumi Mansion” is the first installment of a four-episode story arc in which series protagonist Tanjiro is tasked with stopping a demon who has taken over a mansion, from which the episode gets its title. On the way to his destination, Tanjiro meets Zenitsu Agatsuma, a new member of the Demon Slayer corps just like Tanjiro.

Based on IMDb user reviews, Zenitsu’s introduction appears to be the primary cause for the dip in rating. User odie_rd2, for example, described Zenitsu as “unbearably annoying within the first couple minutes of his time in this episode.” Meanwhile, user pmckenzie-478-934694 reported that “this episode had me strongly considering stopping the show. Absolutely annoying and unfunny.”

Zenitsu is, notably, characterized by a dual personality. On the surface, he appears cowardly and is often overtaken by shallow attraction to various women. However, he can sometimes tap into a latent combat persona, during which time he becomes stoic and powerful. Episode 17, “You Must Master a Single Thing,” similarly features a significant amount of screen time for Zenitsu but foregrounds his combat capabilities over the personality so many IMDb users found grating. Its aggregate user rating on IMDb, by contrast, is a 9.2.

As “Demon Slayer” continues into its second season, then, fan enjoyment of scenes featuring Zenitsu may be contingent on focusing on his battle proficiency rather than his personality outside of combat.

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