The Marvel Director Wyatt Russell Called Before Accepting The Role Of John Walker

Yes, Wyatt Russell consulted with Mr. James Gunn before signing on to play John Walker in “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” Per Russell, the pair have become pals since Gunn worked with Russell’s wife Meredith Hagner on “Brightburn” and directed his famous father Kurt in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.” And in the end, Russell apparently put considerable faith in Gunn’s opinion on the John Walker character while deciding if he should claim the role.

“I called James Gunn, who had become friendly with my wife. She had worked with him on a movie [“Brightburn”], and I trust his opinion.” Russell went on to praise Gunn’s work, noting that the director’s insights into John Walker ultimately helped him make up his mind. “Obviously, he’s a great filmmaker. He’s in that world. He said, ‘If it’s the character I’m thinking of, it’s a really interesting, inherently interesting character because he has a lot of issues that you have to work through.’ So he knew a little bit about the character, which was more than my nothing.”

For his part, Gunn recently confirmed the fateful conversation via his Twitter page, ending his Russell-loving post with, “He wanted to know if Walker was a cool character & if he should take the gig. My answer to both was ‘yes.'” Judging from reactions to Gunn’s post, fans couldn’t be happier about the director nudging Russell to take the part. Likewise, they clearly cannot wait see what the MCU has in store for Russell’s U.S. Agent.

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