What The Final Days On The Set Of The Office Were Like

As fans know, the final shot of the series itself shows Pam taking her drawing of Dunder-Mifflin off of the wall, which was also the last scene they actually shot chronologically. “Pam taking the photo off the wall was definitely the last shot,” crew member Mary Wall confirmed to Greene. “It felt so final to everyone there. Greg was standing off by the camera and Ken Kwapis was shooting it. And he shot it a few times, and I think everyone was exhausted, that whole crew. They had worked so hard that week. I mean, I don’t even know how much they could emotionally process, because of how hard they worked that week. And even with all of that, there was sort of the feeling like no one wanted to yell cut on the scene. At one point, Ken just looked over at Greg and gave a look like, ‘I’ve got the scene. You can keep shooting it, but we have it. We have good cuts of this. We’re good to go.’ And usually, the director will yell ‘cut’ or ‘wrap.’ but Ken was like, ‘Well, Greg, do you want to say it?’ Then Greg said, ‘That’s a wrap. That’s a series wrap on ‘The Office.'”

There was a wrap party shortly after, and caught up in their own celebration, the actors were the last to show up. “I just remember afterward the actors went into John [Krasinski]’s trailer and we all had a quick toast and a drink. But I felt like Greg didn’t want it to end … I felt nobody wanted it to be over, to the point that we were late to our own wrap party, which was all the way across town. We all had to book it over there.”

It’s touching that everybody involved with “The Office” got to celebrate appropriately, no matter how sad they were to see it end. “The Office” is available to stream on Peacock now.

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