LA Star You Never Realized Starred In Disney’s Pocahontas

Linda Hunt has used her voice talents for a wide variety of projects, including narrating the “God of War” video game franchise and three episodes of the “American Experience” series.  More recently, she has voiced Lady Proxima in “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” However, there is one voice role many children of the ’90s will remember best.

Hunt was cast as the iconic Grandmother Willow in 1995’s “Pocahontas,” a role she reprised in the film’s 1998 direct-to-video sequel, as well as the “Pocahontas: Disney’s Animated Storybook” video game. Grandmother Willow is ancient and wise. She acts as a guiding light and voice of reason for Pocahontas, helping the heroine interpret her dreams and discover what her heart truly wants. Pocahontas even brings her forbidden love, colonizer John Smith, to meet Grandmother Willow, hoping her ancestor can provide her with guidance during a very troubling time

While a sentient tree may not seem like an emotional, impactful, character, Linda Hunt’s voice acting talents help make Grandmother Willow one of the most memorable parts of the classic Disney film.

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