Station 19 Season 5 Release Date, Cast, And Plot

While ABC did not include a premiere date in the renewal announcement for “Station 19,” we can make a few educated guesses regarding the timing of the series’ return. Given the shared universe of “Grey’s” and “Station 19,” and the intertwining storylines and crossovers, it’s likely that both shows will return roughly around the same time next Fall.

With the exception of its first and most recent seasons, “Grey’s” traditionally debuts on a late September Thursday. The season premieres for “Station 19,” however, have bounced around the calendar over the last few years. Its first season debuted in March 2018, the second in October of the same year, and the third in January 2020. The most recent season premiered in November 2020, on the same day “Grey’s” returned. Should ABC repeat that formula, we can expect both series to debut new seasons in September, with “Station 19” airing at 8 PM and leading into “Grey’s” at 9 PM.

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