Where Else You’ve Seen The Cast Of Sandman

You didn’t think there would be a comic book adaptation that didn’t have Patton Oswalt, did you? In recent years, Oswalt has popped up everywhere you look, particularly when it comes to comics. 

He was voicing “Batman” characters back in 2000, then continued that trend throughout his career, appearing in animated DC adaptations “Justice League Action” and “Teen Titans GO!” Nor is he shy about working for Marvel — one of his earliest film credits was 2004’s “Blade: Trinity,” then he performed in several episodes of the ABC show “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” played dual roles in the Disney XD “Spider-Man” series, and in May 2021 he hit the world with “MODOK,” a Marvel stop-motion animation series that he co-created, co-wrote, and stars in. He’s also written stories published by both major comic book companies.

Oswalt will again be acting with his voice in “Sandman,” playing the part of Dream’s trusted advisor, Matthew the raven. “The question was,” Gaiman says, “could we find an actor who could make you care about a dead person who was now a bird … And could we find a voice performer who was also the kind of Sandman fan who used to stand in line to get his Sandman comics signed? The answer was, we could if we asked Patton Oswalt.”

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