How Tom Hiddleston Feels About Matt Damon’s Return As Loki

For those who may have forgotten, at the beginning of director Taika Waititi’s “Thor: Ragnarok,” Loki had disguised himself as Odin (Anthony Hopkins), and was watching a play performed in his own honor after faking his death in “The Dark World.” Other actors stepped in to play the roles of Odin (Sam Neill) and Thor (Luke Hemsworth), with Matt Damon playing the role of Loki, who dies in his brother’s arms in a spectacularly dramatic scene. After it was reported that Neill, Hemsworth, and Damon were all seen on the set of Waititi’s “Thor: Love and Thunder,” presumably to reprise their roles, Tom Hiddleston shared his thoughts about Damon’s take on the nefarious brother of Thor.

“Well, I have no ownership as you know,” Hiddleston told Decider. “Loki contains multitudes, and he contains Matt Damon.” Recalling the first time Damon played Loki’s theatrical counterpart, Hiddleston said “It was like looking into a very slightly distorted mirror. And his take on the whole thing was just hilarious,” so [I can’t] wait to see what they’ve been doing.” We can only speculate just how much involvement Damon and his fellow Norse players will have in “Thor: Love and Thunder,” but fans will find out when the movie releases on May 9, 2022. Meanwhile, the first episode of “Loki” will hit Disney+ this Wednesday, June 9.

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