The Hilarious Time Hijinks We Almost Got To See In Loki

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige revealed that before “Loki” crystalized into a show, it was a series of rough draft concepts designed to bring its main character into the spotlight. Asked about ideas that were passed around during the nascent stages of development, Feige had this to say: “Early on, it was sort of, as Michael calls it, the low hanging fruit. There (were) ideas, as Tom will remember, for a short film going back almost a decade, for Loki in the seventies. Like running a Studio 54 in the seventies.”

The concept of Loki as the proprietor of a Midtown Manhattan nightclub at the height of disco fever is intriguing enough — it would certainly go a long way towards explaining his preferred cape-heavy work attire. If anyone was set to dethrone Zemo as the king of MCU dance moves, it would’ve been Tom Hiddleston in platform boots. And if you think that’s wild, just wait — Feige had a second example of proposed Loki hijinks up his sleeve that’ll blow you away.

“I think we had some concept art for him on a horse,” the head of Marvel Studios recalled. Like, can you even imagine?

“Loki” premieres on Disney+ June 9.

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