The Season Of American Horror Story That Fans Would Rather Live Through

The overwhelming winner of the poll was “Coven,” which is the show’s third season. 

In the season, a Coven, located in New Orleans, has to constantly deal with the undead and fight for power until Cordelia Goode (Sarah Paulson) is named the Supreme. Quite a few commentators on the thread agreed with the original poll’s outcome. The Reddit user u/fierrosan revealed they would choose “Coven” even though their “favourite season is Hotel” because “there are too many scary things happening” at the Hotel Cortez, which houses vampires, dead serial killers, and a malicious entity known as “The Addiction Demon.” A Redditor with the username ilikeanimeandcats shared similar thoughts: while they initially picked “Hotel,” they clarified they would rather be in “Coven,” as long as they were granted magical powers. “Having powers would be worth it even if I didn’t survive,” read a portion of the comment.

Besides “Coven” and “Hotel,” another popular response was the show’s seventh season, “Cult,” which is more grounded in reality compared to the other seasons. While “Cult” has plenty of shocking moments — let’s just say a nail gun is involved — all of the violence is inflicted by humans. “Cult. At least it’s only humans trying to murder me,” explained a fan with the username baconwrappedreddit.

The tenth season of “AHS” is expected to be released later this year. Perhaps the upcoming season will be even more enticing than “Coven” for fans.

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