Things You Forgot Happened On The First Season Of Survivor

In the earliest days of the show, there was very little protein available for the cast members to snack on. Tagi was setting fishing traps with very little luck, Sean’s homemade Super Pole 2000 fishing rod was garbage, and the only real thing the castaways could bank on was rice — rationed rice, at that. But there were plenty of rats available, and before long some of the contestants got desperate.

At the Pagong Tribe, some were more desperate than others. In Episode 3, Joel Klug trapped a couple of the critters, chopped their heads off almost entirely on camera, and then charred them up on the fire. Ramona and Gervase, who watched the entire thing with trepidation, eventually got in on the action. “We gots to kill some more rats tonight!” Gervase said with a smile on his face after that first taste of roasted rodent.

Although it seemed gruesome to some viewers (and fellow tribe members), killing those rats set the stage for later episodes, when the castaways killed fish and eventually, three chicken named Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner that Pagong had won. Unfortunately they didn’t get to eat all of the chicken, however, when a monitor got one of the escaped birds right before the merge.

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